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Q: Is this only for aspiring investment bankers?

A: Whilst our content is curated for investment bankers, people who are looking to join a financial institution can still learn a lot – check out our Qualitative questions & Brain Teasers


Q: How do I view question tips / where do I write my notes?

A: Whilst swiping or at the Notes tab, tap on the question to focus in – you can then write notes and toggle tips on / off


Q: I clicked a question wrongly! What do I do?

A: Just hit Undo!


Q: I changed my mind – I want to review a question that I’ve previously swiped left on!

A: Lucky for you, we’ve built in Question History under Settings, which displays the last 20 questions you’ve swiped left on


Q: Where do my questions go after I save / favorite them?

A: All saved questions should appear in the Notes tab by default, unless you’ve changed your Review Settings


Q: What’s the point of favoriting questions?

A: Favoriting questions allows you to highlight questions for review – we also let you display ‘Favorited Questions Only’ for when you just want to focus in on the important stuff


Q: Where did my questions go? I can’t see them in my Notes anymore!

A: Double check your Review Settings – especially if you’ve selected ‘Favorited Questions Only’


Q: What happens if I have annotated a question but did not save / favorite it? I’ve written notes for a question but then decided to un-save / un-favorite it.

A: Although it won’t be shown in your Notes tab by default, you can display all annotated questions at any time through changing your Review Settings


Q: Why do you need Facebook sign in before using the app?

A: Facebook sign in allows us to store your personal answers online


Q: Why do you need these app permissions?

A: Those are the default app permissions – we can’t change that (we tried!)




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